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Roads on Sweep Nurbs {Lunchtime Project}

By February 9, 2014February 11th, 2015Lunchtime Project

Roads on Sweep Nurbs, a Physical Renderer Experiment. from Peter Quinn on Vimeo.

Roads on Sweep Nurbs, a Physical Renderer Experiment, which is new to C4D r13.
After getting a couple of fancy new MacPro’s in the studio, I thought I’d test out the Physical Renderer, which I’d aways shied away from because of render time…
This shot, which is nothing special, no real complicated textures, no blurry shadows and no GI, took 100 hours to render.
This was not an attempt to optimize render – just an attempt to understand where the render hits are.
What are the biggest factors that drive render time up?
Dropping sampling quality helps significantly, but looks crappy really quickly.
I’m also using native DOF in this case, which I’m sure is a big factor but I just really like the native DOF rather than doing it in post.
I’m also toying with the Adaptive sample v’s fixed, and high v’s automatic quality.

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