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Shit Showreels Said, in 2015

By January 18, 2011January 18th, 2016Wish I worked on this


What makes a perfect showreel? I dunno. Do you? What I do know is that there’s tons of mind-blowingly delicious work out there, and when it’s condensed into a bite-sized, well-considered montage set to snappy beats, it can become something really special.

Over at the Shit Showreels Say channel, we’re always knee-deep in showreels from agencies and artists all over the internet, and last year seemed better than ever. This is my summary of the reels that made us feel all warm and fuzzy during our last trip around the sun.

In no particular order…

Oliver Sin, UK.

Panic, Latvia.

Ondrej Zunka, Prague.

Clement Morin, Paris.

Phil Borst, IL, USA

Twisted Poly, Slovenia.

Giant Ant (obviously), Vancouver.

We Are Royale, LA & NYC.

Oddfellows, LA.

Shabello (Sara Bennett), UK.

Kust’, Latvia

And that’s all folks.

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