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Got Project files


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PQ FUI Toys from Peter Quinn on Vimeo.

My first go at putting mograph junk up for sale, and hopefully I’ll have more to come.

Super fun, pre-animated, sometimes looping, customizable Fake User Interface assets, as editable After Effects comps. Just drag and drop to quickly create and customize FUI layouts to suit your projects.

For sale at

DeskTidy {Lunchtime Project}

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It’s just a JPG, but so incredibly useful. A quick way I’ve been visualizing those clusters of files on the desktop, staying roughly organized until I get a minute to sort them properly.
Some files need archived, some are being worked on, and some you’re not quite ready to throw away yet.
desktidySized for a MacBook Pro Retina display.


DeskTidy (MBP Retina) DeskTidy (Cinema Disp) Make Your Own (PSD)

Shit Showreels Say

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Shit Showreels Say from Peter Quinn on Vimeo.

I love showreels, and make sure to watch a few every morning with my first coffee. Noticing my own reel was insanely out-of-date got me thinking about reels in general. Here are a few of the obvious 2D and 3D showreel tropes I could think of (and am guilty of, too) mashed together into one almighty anti-showreel!


2.3gig zip containing AEP and associated After Effects files, including PNG sequences exported from Cinema4d (which is why it’s so big).

Just want the AEP? BOOM.

I’ve removed anything that isn’t mine to distribute like the 3D models, and Rough Enough texture overlays that I found free online. I’ve also removed the typeface Brandon Grotesque, converting to outlines where possible.

Hope you guys can learn from this. That’s why I’m publishing this. Ask me any questions on this page if you like, and feel free to point out the stupid stuff.

Published under the ‘don’t be a dick’ licence 🙂

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