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Saúl Yance – Showreel 2021, by Saul Yance

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00:04 – Sandbox dude (illustration and animation) –
00:06 – Flying ball (2d and 3d animation) –
00:08 – Independencia stop motion (animation assistance) –
00:10 – AppStak (styleframes and animation) –
00:13 – PUCP (direction and animation) –
00:19 – Hexagon creature (illustration and animation) –
00:20 – Tunche (animation) –
00:22 – Christmas cat (illustration and animation) –
00:24 – Toilet paper challenge (illustration and animation) –
00:26 – Health videos (direction and animation) –

Saúl Yance – Showreel 2021 by Saul Yance

Why Music Makes Us Feel (According to AI), by USC Viterbi

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In a new paper, a team of USC computer scientists and psychologists teamed up to investigate how music affects how you act, feel and think.
Research credits:
Timothy Greer, Matthew Sachs, Benjamin Ma, Assal Habibi and Shrikanth Narayanan. Multimodal View into Music’s Effect on Human Neural, Physiological, and Emotional Experience. In proceedings of 27th ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM MM 2019), October 2019.

Benjamin Ma, Timothy Greer, Matthew Sachs, Assal Habibi, Jonas Kaplan and Shrikanth Narayanan. Predicting Human-Reported Enjoyment Responses in Happy and Sad Music. In proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Affective Computing & Intelligent Interaction, September 2019.

Why Music Makes Us Feel (According to AI) by USC Viterbi


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The awesome people ​of Ogilvy Pandora asked us to create two fresh ​TV​ commercials for KEAN Juices. We were inspired by the colorful packages ​as well as the variety of fruits,​ and came up with a contemporary and unique vision. Here at Yell​, ​ we love being crazy and non-realistic​. And this is why we finally ​crafted ​this​ surrealistic journey​,​ where everything seems like a “fruit​’s​” dream. So​,​ ​have a sip and dive into the delicious world of KEAN!

Client : KEAN
Agency : Ogilvy Pandora
Head Of Account Management : Elias Arvanitis
Creative: Elias Moustakeas,
Copy: Konstantina Delliimitrou
Production : YELL
Animation : YELL
Direction : Tony Zagoraios
3D Supervisor : Costas Fatsis
Art Direction: Tony Zagoraios, Till Noon
Graphic Design : Till Noon
Motion Design: Thanos Kagkalos, Pantelis Tsiachris, Melvin Le Riboter, Tony Zagoraios
Cel Animation: Chris Papandreopoulos, Ilias Kontonikolas
3D Modelling : Renos Kontaris
Music : Renos Papastavros (Musou Music)
Sound Design : Renos Papastavros, Dimitris Mpatzios (Musou Music)


Primary, by Gavin Kosko

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“Primary” is the abstract representation of going back to basics and embracing one’s strengths. Through repetition you will eventually find success, this is all based on the following quote by Jim Rohn:
“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.”

With those ideas in mind I set out to design something with the utmost simplicity that relied heavily on animation to bring it life. I thought, “What is more simple than a circle?” and so I challenged myself to see what kind of emotions and story I could tell with just a couple circles. I made “Primary” with the intention to prove that just because you think you are on the right path for one reason or another some things don’t always work out. If you don’t give up and consistently apply yourself in what ever it is you are doing you will find your way while learning new things. Sometimes you will need to strip everything down to the only the necessities in order to regain your focus and find new direction.

I believe this is a great life lesson that we all can use and one that should be revisited when times are tough. I have learned so much throughout this process and with that I hope you enjoy and find the message relatable!

Design & Animation by Gavin Kosko
Music & Sound Design by Sono Sanctus

Primary by Gavin Kosko

MJCOLE – Pictures in my head, by Nikilldesign

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When MJ Cole reached out looking for a music video for his new track, I naturally jumped at the chance! Having been a fan of MJ Cole’s music for years it was an amazing opportunity to pour a lot of passion in to a project. Having heard the track, it was clear to me that the piece had to be fun, vibrant and a bit surreal. I wanted to stay true to MJ Cole’s roots but align the visual style to work for todays market.

The inspiration for the video stemmed from the music itself. Sometimes a piece of music makes you see a certain thing, or a collection of things. When listening to Pictures in my Head it instantly triggered images of a colourful world made up of random visual metaphors. The more I dissected the lyrics of the track it felt like it was all about the idea of love and the emotional experiences that go with it.

In the video we venture in to the mind of the female vocalist, exploring visually what the lyrics may represent. The overall vibe is random and dream like. There are sexual undertones in the lyrics (or at least that’s what I got from it) so I tried to capture some of this naughtiness and portray it in a way that wasn’t crude but still fun and visually appealing. ‘Where the magic happens’ and ‘Breakfast in bed’ were just a couple of ideas behind some of the visuals in the chorus.

Once I knew MJCole was on board with the idea I set about building a team to help execute the vision. In this instance I had the help from 3 wonderful female 3D artists each from different corners of the globe. Mexico, Canada and London via France. Electra, Lauren and Grace all brought another layer of unique interpretation to the project. This collaborative effort helped enrich the overall visual and take it up a notch. Once we had all the scenes built I set about animating, texturing and rendering in C4D and Octane.


Music – MJ Cole – Pictures in my head

Directed by – Nik Hill
3D artists – Electra, Lauren Galloway, Grace Barth
Production company – Twenty Third C

Special thanks – Denzyl at Platoon & Tom Street

MJCOLE – Pictures in my head by Nikilldesign