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Panasonic SD Extreme Challenge!

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To show off the capabilities and tolerance of Panasonic’s SD cards we brainstormed a concept of four animated cards weathering the elements. Using Cinema 4D and After Effects, we take the cards on a global adventure as they train for sports glory.
In Japan, the cards start off on the production line – The intensity of it shows that these cards are built tough, from the very strongest materials. The cards emerge from the production line, alive and ready to rock! They train, tackling environmental extremes to show how hardy and capable they are. In an underwater sequence the music takes on a muffled tone to enhance the zen scene.

The cards engage in martial arts, taking blows, and then ending in an epic finishing moment, proving they can “take a punch”. In Beijing they run track under the blazingly hot sun, demonstrating an extreme resilience to heat. They leave a blur behind them as they go, highlighting the speed the cards offer consumers.

Rocketing off into the sky again, they land in Vancouver, shredding powder on the mountains, resistant to the cold temperatures.

Staples, Recycle for Education Contest.

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Every Vimeo *Like* will help me in a competition I’m in that measures likes.

So Staples, one of our clients, wanted to attract some attention to a contest they’re running in Canada where they’re giving away some computers to schools. There’s an environmental aspect too… the winner needs to prove that their school recycles, turns off lights etc… the brief was for a kinetic type animation, but I ended up adding a few extra layers.

More info here:

{Submitted to the Made with After Effects competition, link to follow}