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Adobe Make It Titles, by Mike Tosetto

By May 6, 2016Inspiration

Adobe approached us to create the opening titles for their annual creative conference, Make It, which took place at Carriageworks in Sydney on May 5, 2016.

The main imagery for the event was created as an isometric illustration by Shaivalini Kumar, an artist from New Dehli, India.

We rebuilt all the elements in 3D, then rendered the scene using global illumination, a process that simulates light bouncing and colour bleeding. This technique gave us a highly stylised look, allowing the bright colours in the scene to emit light, and the dark colours to receive light.

Maxon’s Cinema 4D was the perfect tool for the 3D animation, which we rendered with Vray for C4D. The project was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, then Adobe After Effects was used for all compositing, along with the typography treatment for the animated speaker names.

The music was composed specifically for this title sequence by Ben Romalis, who we worked very closely with throughout the entire process.

Check out the Process Reel:

3D and Motion
Tim Clapham
Mike Tosetto

Shaivalini Kumar

Ben Romalis

Adobe Make It Titles by Mike Tosetto

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