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Camera Projection, with Mo-Cam (CS tools)

By October 31, 2011November 24th, 2011Got Project files, Work

So I had this idea that the CS tools Mo-cam rig might be a great basis for some camera projection as it’s effectively a series of cameras that guide the path of one ‘master camera’, as shown here:

So I got a bunch of random images from Google, and projected them randomly from each ‘Waypoint’ in the Mo-cam, onto a Cloner Object filled with cubes. One problem I did have (then eventually stopped caring about as it was Friday) was the projection on the cubes once the dynamics kick in. It would have been way nicer to work out a way to fix the projected textures to the UVW of each cube, but it wasn’t happening for me inside the cloner object… any ideas?

Get my project files (c4d r13) here.

Get CS tools here.

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