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The Exquisite Ant, by School of Motion

By July 18, 2016Inspiration

Here’s a neat thing: It’s an Exquisite Corpse project that combined the talents of Giant Ant, a few of our Bootcamp Alumni, and Antfood with a little extra motivation from the folks at Red Giant. Head to to download the After Effects project and find out more about this cool animation / contest that we wrapped up recently.


(Beginning & End)
Directed By: Giant Ant
Produced By: Cory Philpott
First Part Design: Rafael Mayani
First Part Animation: Jorge Canedo Estrada
Final Part Design and Animation: Henrique Barone
Final Part Compositing: Matt James

SCHOOL OF MOTION (Middle 4 Sections)
Nol Honig (
Zach Youse (
Josef Atlestam (
Kevin Snyder (

Sound Design by ANTFOOD (
Sweet Prizes by RED GIANT (

The Exquisite Ant by School of Motion

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