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Google Play The Beatles, by Justin Demetrician

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Really excited to finally get his piece out! This was done with a really great team and it was a really fun spot to work on.

Design & Animation: Mill+
Executive Producer/HOP: Elizabeth Newman
Production Coordinator: Anica Cramer Douglass
Creative Director: Clarice Chin
Editor: Luke Kraman
Delivery Editor: Joe Denk
Design & Animation: Justin Demetrician, Helen Hsu, Kyle Moore, Hyejung Bae, Greg Park, Amy Graham, Jamal Otolorin, Phylicia Fuentes, Clare Carrellas, Alan Chen

Google Play The Beatles by Justin Demetrician

FITC presents FORM // Chicago 2015 Titles, by FITC

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FITC heads to Chicago on November 2-3 with FORM, a new event that will explore creation with Stefan Sagmeister, GMUNK, Nicholas Felton, Rama Allen (The Mill), Jason White (Leviathan) and many more.
Full details at

Titles created by the talented team at Optimus Design in Chicago, directed by Donnie Bauer.

Director: Donnie Bauer
CGI: Donnie Bauer, Trevor Kerr, Luis Mayorga, Brad Cannady, Amador Valenzuela, Andre Kostin
Lighting/Shading Lead: Trevor Kerr
Title Design: Mark Butchko, Tyler Nelson
Compositing: Donnie Bauer, Jim Moss, Mike Ciacciarelli, Brad Cannady, Trevor Kerr
Technical Director: Ken Winke
Edit: Donnie Bauer
Music & Sound Design: Dustin Camilleri
Producer: Jon Desir

FITC presents FORM // Chicago 2015 Titles by FITC

New York Times – Modern Love, by Jimmy Simpson

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Direction, Design & Animation: Jimmy Simpson
Producer: Nicholas van der Kolk
Sound Design: Jimmy Simpson & Nicholas van der Kolk
Music: Vince Simpson & Jon Kruz

This is a bit of a “directors cut” of the piece I made for the New York Times. I wanted to do my own audio pass to give the animation a more somber vibe. Hope you enjoy it.

New York Times – Modern Love by Jimmy Simpson

Follow Your Dreams, by Joe Donaldson

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This is a great example of collaboration. Co-directed with Jay Quercia, we worked remotely with Gloss Creative out of Canada. With Jay leading the design effort and myself leading the animation, together we conceptualized, storyboarded, designed and animated this fun piece for Seneca College bringing to light the fact that it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

Follow Your Dreams by Joe Donaldson