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Pause 2016 Motion Response – A Brief History of Time by CraveFX, by Pause Fest

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In this conceptual animated short, we aim to create a comedic performance where the past, present and future realities overlap and interact in an environment where time has no start or end.

A modern take on Zbigniew Rybczyński’s Tango, every actor that participates in this space is trapped in an infinite loop where their actions simultaneously bare and yet bare no consequence to another. Starting with a single actor that performs the same series of mundane actions, followed by another and yet another, we start to discover the motivation of these characters and their performance do not simply coexist but are correlated in a complex chain of events. Hilarity ensues as every absurd action cumulates in an amalgamation of intricately choreographed antics.

In partnership with The Foundry.
For the Pause 2016.


Creative Director
Davier Yoon & Joshua Tan

Design & Art Direction
Khoo Siew May
Lai Hui Li

Production Lead
Khoo Yi Hui

Yang Si Shuo
Alize Martinez
Khoo Yi Hui
Calista Lee

Tammy Leow
Tan Pang Ren

Khoo Yi Hui

Concept Development
Yang Si Shuo
Peggy Sim
Khoo Yi Hui
Alize Martinez
Khoo Siew May
Lai Hui Li
Marilyn Neo
Chi Zhanqing
Tammy Leow
Regina Agcanas
Tok Xue Yi

Music & Sound Design

Pause 2016 Motion Response – A Brief History of Time by CraveFX by Pause Fest

NYC Gifathon, by James Curran

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In November I spent a month in New York City where I animated a new GIF every day for 30 days inspired by something that happened during my stay.

See all the looping GIFs on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram with #NYCGifathon or follow me to keep up with the next Gifathon, coming soon…

Sound by the amazing David Kamp

NYC Gifathon by James Curran

Pause 2016 Motion Response – Tiny man by Dirty Puppet, by Pause Fest

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After eating a tasty hotdog, triangle man discovers a tiny version of himself lodged in his teeth. They immediately form a loving bond as tiny man leads them on a playful adventure of discovery.

Thanks to the amazingly talented (and patient) friends who helped out on this project and put up with my constant indecision and yammering about a triangle man eating a hotdog – Cam.

In partnership with The Foundry.
For the Pause 2016.

Directed by Dirty Puppet
Concept: Cameron Gough
Early Concept Development: Oscar Gomez, Sacha Bryning & Kate Moon
Character Design: Annika Fleur & Cameron Gough
Storyboards: Annika Fleur
Animation & Compositing: Cameron Gough
Modelling, Rigging & Lighting: Courtney Hopkinson
Sound Design: White Owl
Spiritual Guidance: Panda Pug

Pause 2016 Motion Response – Tiny man by Dirty Puppet by Pause Fest

Blend – Opening Titles, by Buck

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What better way to kick of a our sparkly new Sydney studio than to work on a passion project. Our friends at Wine after Coffee gave us a theme: Blend. Pretty soon we were dissecting the speakers names and making weird and wonderful anagrams. Buck, Ryan Honey. Do we go with something fitting like Racey Boney Hunk? Or perhaps for Ryan, Back Ye Horny Nu is better suited? Yeah Bunny Rock? Can Bury Ye Honk? Hunky Rye Bacon? There was potential at every turn and we had a blast designamating the wacky combinations.

Directed by Buck
Executive Producer: Erica Ford
Creative Director: Gareth O’Brien
Art Director: Lucas Brooking
Design: Lucas Brooking, Josh Edwards, Gareth O’Brien, Lev Berry, Pete McDonald,
Animation: Josh Edwards, Chris Anderson, Matisse Gonzalez, Gareth O’Brien, Lev Berry
Music and Sound Design: Antfood

Blend – Opening Titles by Buck

lucy & the limbs, by edlyn capulong

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lucy, who lived in the pines, was once bored out of her mind.
but what she would discover, was a thing like no other;
an unexpected friend she would find.

an animated fourth year film by edlyn capulong |

ottawa international film festival 2014 | canadian student competition
varna world festival of animated film 2014 | children’s film selection
shortz! film festival 2014 | official 2014 selection
animage 2014 | mostra parque screening (non-competitive)
primanima hungary 2014 | short film official competition
early bird film festival 2014 | official competition
hamilton film festival 2014 | official student competition selection
les sommets du cinéma d’animation 2014 | international student competition
animpact best of the best 2014 | official selection
animated dreams 2014 | official selection
new york international children’s film festival 2015 | official selection

lucy & the limbs by edlyn capulong