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Pause 2016 Motion Response – Tiny man by Dirty Puppet, by Pause Fest

By January 24, 2016Inspiration

After eating a tasty hotdog, triangle man discovers a tiny version of himself lodged in his teeth. They immediately form a loving bond as tiny man leads them on a playful adventure of discovery.

Thanks to the amazingly talented (and patient) friends who helped out on this project and put up with my constant indecision and yammering about a triangle man eating a hotdog – Cam.

In partnership with The Foundry.
For the Pause 2016.

Directed by Dirty Puppet
Concept: Cameron Gough
Early Concept Development: Oscar Gomez, Sacha Bryning & Kate Moon
Character Design: Annika Fleur & Cameron Gough
Storyboards: Annika Fleur
Animation & Compositing: Cameron Gough
Modelling, Rigging & Lighting: Courtney Hopkinson
Sound Design: White Owl
Spiritual Guidance: Panda Pug

Pause 2016 Motion Response – Tiny man by Dirty Puppet by Pause Fest

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