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Mazda-6 (Commercial), by Mikhail Sedov

By May 26, 2016Inspiration

Client: Mazda
Agency: Miguel Ivanov
Creative Director: Miguel Ivanov
Copywriter:Daria Sherstobitova
Director/DOP: Sebastian Weiland
1st AD: Anna Pushkina
Production Designer: Dennis Lischenko

Edit: Nikalay Ivanov
Production Company: Park production
Producer: Alex vasiliev
Prodction Manager:Alex Abramov
PostProduction Manager: Mikhail maganet

Design & Animation: Playd
Art Director: Platon Infante
Concept artists:Mikhail Sedov, Paul Shtyler, Dmitry Istomin, Alex Brin
Modeling:Alex Godzenko
Motion Artists: Mikhail Sedov, Paul Shtyler, Dmitry Istomin​

Mazda-6 (Commercial) by Mikhail Sedov

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