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Min Stora Dag, by BRIKK

By March 7, 2016Inspiration

We got really excited when Volontaire presented the brief to create this fragmented journey told through the grand (and sometimes not so grand) wishes of five children. Bonjour is a baking company collaborating together with Min stora dag – an organization working to make sick children’s wishes come true.
The result is this whimsical, yet heartbreaking story fueled with playful vibrant animation.

Director: Brikk
Producer: Brikk

Art Director: Björn Johansson
Illustration: Björn Johansson, Jonas Mosesson

Animation: Björn Johansson, Kristian Andersson, Viktor Khan, Jonathan Dahl, Neil Verhavert, Marcus Gestré

Sound design: Calle Wachtmeister
Music: Calle Wachtmeister


Min Stora Dag by BRIKK

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